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The Faces of Our Center

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Our aim and mission are to reduce the incidence of maternal and infant mortality and morbidity in communities at risk. We believe that childbearing is a sacred act and that every woman has the right to have a safe and healthy pregnancy and to be lovingly supported in her role as child-bearer and mother.


Being pregnant and giving birth is a natural process. Every stage of the birthing process is brilliantly orchestrated to assist your infant in transitioning down the birth canal and entering into this world. We believe unless it is medically necessary the pregnancy should run its course naturally. Interfering in this process can alter the health and wellbeing of mother and child. We support families in embracing the process successfully. We employ some time-honored ancestral practices that include but are not limited to the use of herbs, breathing techniques, mind-body connection techniques, and positioning.

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Safiya brings an immense depth and breadth of experience and knowledge with 20+ years working as a Registered Nurse, specializing in care for premature newborns and sick infants in the NICU. She expanded beyond the teaching and practices healthcare field and immersed herself in various healing modalities including herbal medicine. As an entrepreneur, Safiya has launched several businesses and initiatives aimed at enhancing the wellbeing of the communities and clients she’s served.

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Samiyra graduated from Buffalo University with a bachelor's in Sociology and African studies with the desire to make a difference in her community. Her studies have prepared her to address the issues in our community and to be an asset to the Divine Deliveries Center for Reproductive Health and Childbirth. We need to continue to conduct studies and research to determine the best evidence-based practice to employ to elicit desired results. Her role in collecting data and feedback from our clients is crucial to accomplishing this goal.


Kadijja Mccord born and raised in Bedford Stuyvesant, she knows firsthand about experiencing trauma during childbirth. As a young mom suffering from pre-eclampsia. At 7 months pregnant she delivered a 2lbs 13oz baby girl. This led to her being concerned with the care of pregnant women in urban settings. Kadijja passion has motivated her to rally and advocate for women at risk. She believes in the work and efforts of Divine Delivery. 

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